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Thank you for visiting our website, check out our Virtual Photography Showcases at our blog page. Likewise, check out other VP artists work in our Gallery page.

  • Special Showcase: Gotham Knights

    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Welcome to our first Gotham Knights Showcase. The game has only recently come out, and there is already plenty of VP out there for it, on top of that, we seem to have a fan favourite by quite a bit in the form of Batgirl. As always if…

  • 35k Views Header Competition

    Good morning, good afternoon and good morning. The other week we asked you to submit your best landscape-oriented art for the chance to be our new header over on Twitter. We have 8 of our favourite submissions below, and you, our community get the chance to vote for your favourite. So scroll on down and…

  • Special Showcase: Grand Theft Auto 5

    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Welcome to our first Grand Theft Auto 5 Showcase. Couldn’t decide what to Showcase this week, so gone for GTAV, a game that most of us would have played and enjoyed. It’s only a tiny Showcase as well, as we have a lot of bigger ones in the…

The Hosts

SuperJayMP has been a gamer for 20+ years, and a virtual photographer for just over a year.

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