Update On Our Progress

Good morning. We would just love to thank every one of you who have been part of our journey so far. We have only been going for just over 3 weeks, but we have already passed our first 1000 views! We never expected this to be as successful as it has been and we have enjoyed looking at all your amazing Virtual Photography and showing it off to all our viewers! We just wanted to update you with a kind of schedule for how we will update the site going forward. So below is that very schedule.
Monday – We will use this day to update our gallery with your artwork, this will be using photos from other posts, or artwork we are tagged in on Twitter, or hashtagged using #VPGamersUK
Tuesday – Weekly Feature, a new post, where we will show 3 pieces of artwork with a brief interview with the artists.
Wednesday – Special Themed Showcase, this will show off 15 pieces of artwork. These can be from any time and will have a theme, such as landscapes, B&W, animals, etc.
Thursday: Another gallery update.
Friday: Special Game Showcase, similar to the Themed Showcase, but will revolve around a specific game.
Saturday: N/A
Sunday: Weekly VP Showcase. 15 images again, but these have to be uploaded to Twitter during that week.
Last day of the Month: Artist Recognition, where we recognise an artist, showcasing 12 of their favourite images with an interview with the artist.

As always we will always credit you on the site, and on Twitter.
Remember, tag us in your artwork, and use #VPGamersUK

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