Special Showcase: Horizon Forbidden West

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you are in this world. After years of waiting for a sequel, Aloy is finally back, and with it has come some phenomenal artwork! We have been blown away by the sheer amount of VP, and the quality of it. Below we have showcased not 15 like usual, but 35!
I dont know about you, but that is one hell of a collection and we have a feeling that Aloy and the gang may be on these Showcases for quite some time! We would love to thank all 35 artists for their amazing art, and we can’t wait to see what else you can all achieve in this game!
@AlexKalopsia, @Andrewmusprime, @arnemeyer. @AshenHunter4, @BenjiSales, @BillyGunn_, @BT_BlackThunder, @ChopinTheTh3rd, @Chris25551, @ChrisInSession, @coalabr14, @CrisVphoto, @DevlinSideGames, @dusk_fps, @GonGonHE, @Gwyn_VP, @Halkyris, @i3ecci_, @jules_vp_, @KeenEyeVP, @KingSingh93, @kitten_theChips, @madd_lass_pm, @MdeavorVP, @mrpyo1, @NoctaliD, @Nuka_Bliss, @Olivier__Cesar, @Photoingame, @photomodeaddict, @Renegade_vp, @Sarokeye, @scionjay96, @SnapperGame & finally, @sohaLethal

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