Strong Women in Video Games: Aloy

Welcome to our second post dedicated to Strong Women in Video Games. This is our first post which features around a female chracter, and where else is a better place to start than the heroine who is currently in most of our eyes, Aloy. She first came to us in Horizon Zero Dawn and quickly became a VP’ers favourite subject. Down below we have a huge selection of our favourite images of the heroine across both her Video Game outings.
Remember, if you are not happy with us sharing your work, please do contact us, and we shall see what we can do. Anyway, we have a lot to go through here, so a big well done to all of the following:
@akary28, @aloyshorizn, @Animal_Mother85, @BillyGunn_, @Birgamerinalbu1, @calisarah1998, @coalabr14, @CrisVphoto, @Cthulh0opsVP, @Dande_Lion55, @Dominik_VP, @DpDwarf, @ElektroVP, @Gwyn_VP, @hapsg5, @HenriSylar, @ImNina_vp, @IrishtheViking, @ISAchan_97, @KeenEyeVP, @M1krospore, @Mannie2161, @MaximSuvoroff, @Mersey_red_vp, @MMysticfox, @NoviKaiba23, @photoingame, @PlaystationSna1, @QuelBia94, @Rina_VP, @S3CT1ON, @SandriitaMz, @scionjay96, @Shauna_c_jones, @Spectral_Lens, @Spriggy_Smalls, @SquashCee, @TDKReturns, @theladyofworlds, @TheWorldsOf1, @TravellingWestP, @virtuallykirsty, @VrPhotoGamess & finally, @whiskeyrich

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