Strong Women in Video Games: Q&A

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you are in the world. Welcome to our third post from our Month of Strong Women in Video Games, this time around we have held a Q&A with @VrPhotoGamess. Scroll down below to see the interview, and also her 5 favourite photos featuring Strong Women in Video Games.
VPGamers: Who is your favourite heroine in video games, and why?
@VrPhotoGamess: My absolute favourite heroine is Aloy, since the first game she has always inspired me, and especially when I looked at her she gave me immense strength and in many difficult moments she helped me a lot her strong and determined character, in HFW she has given me even more demonstration that she is really a very strong person and above all that she cares a lot about the people around her.

VPGamers: How did you get into VP and why do you enjoy it?
@VrPhotoGamess: I started exactly a year ago, I had been planning to do VP for a lot longer but I was afraid to show my shots in case the audience didn’t like them so I never posted. In the end, one day I said to myself ‘i can try, why not? after all, it’s something I love’ and in the end I did it and I am really happy with this choice because I have achieved many goals that I never thought I could reach and I hope to be able to reach many more goals in the future.

VPGamers: Can you give any advice for anyone who wants to start VP?
I give the advice: never to give up, do not be afraid because each of us has something special, so if you want to do VP do it without worries. If it is something you like and enjoy, over time your passion will become more and more understood, it’s a fantastic community.

VPGamers: Do likes, comments, and retweets matter to you as an artist?
Yes they are important but the most important thing for me is the comments because it always makes me happy to see that a certain person likes my posts and above all, I like to talk about that particular shot or game, many times I have received some really good comments that really warmed my heart.

VPGamers: How is it being a female in the VP community, do you feel that everyone is treated with respect no matter what their background is?
I don’t think being a female or male Virtual Photographer changes anything, many times I still feel that females can’t play or have video games because it’s a male thing and it’s the thing I hate to hear the most because it is absolutely not like that. I wish there weren’t these stereotypes because being a female Virtual Photographer makes me even more proud of being a gamer precisely because I break down all these stereotypes like this, which there are every day.

We would like to thank @VrPhotoGamess for allowing us to have this Q&A session, we loved working with you, and cant wait to see more of your work, we love that you were able to overcome your fears of audience reaction to your work, as your work is truely incredible.

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