Strong Women in Video Games: Q&A

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you are in the world. Welcome to our next post from our Month of Strong Women in Video Games, this time around we have held a Q&A with @DeathStrandingL . Scroll down below to see the interview, and also her 5 favourite photos featuring Strong Women in Video Games.
VPGamers: Who is your favourite heroine in video games, and why?
@DeathStrandingL: I’m gonna go with Tess from The Last of Us. She was a business woman in a post apocalyptic world who grew such a reputation that everyone feared her. I loved that.. that she decided in the early days of the outbreak, being young herself.. to choose that way of living instead of living in restricted laws of the QZ. But she cared.. even in her final moments.. she had hope Joel would take control and get Ellie to her destination to save everyone. Her final sigh to me was a.. ‘My job is done!’
VPGamers: How did you get into VP and why do you enjoy it?
@DeathStrandingL: Completely by mistake.. I was an account that followed Hideo, Naughty Dog ect and I randomly saw a picture of Abby by @Emilli96. I instantly knew there & there I wanted to try it.. and I’ve kind of become obsessed. Games that once took me 5hrs to finish now take 20hrs+ 🤣
VPGamers: Can you give any advice for anyone who wants to start VP?
@DeathStrandingL: Just have fun. Ask people if you need tips if you want to get serious with it. When I started, I saw these big accounts that I was too intimated to talk to.. turns out.. they’re the sweetest people you’ll ever meet 🥰
VPGamers: Do likes, comments and retweets matter to you as an artist?
@DeathStrandingL: I would like to say interaction isn’t important to me.. but I need validation it turns out 🤣 getting any kind of love for a picture boosts me for the next one ❤️
VPGamers: How is it being a female in the VP community, do you feel that everyone is treated with respect no matter what their background is?
@DeathStrandingL: I think it’s great.. 99.9% of the community are sweet and encouraging to everyone else 🙂 ive never personally heard of mistreatment when it comes to their background… if if does happen.. that’s very unfortunate & if it is happening, speak out. No one deserves that.. ❤️

We would like to thank @DeathStrandingL for letting us get to know them a bit more, we loved working with you, and seeing your gorgeous artwork! Hopefully being featured here will give you an even bigger boost for your upcoming VP! 🙂

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