Strong Women in Video Games: ‘Spotlight’. ‘Sitting’ & ‘Filters’

Welcome to our penultimate joint theme with @strongwomenvp, this week will be Showcasing some of their themes from the last 7 days. This week it is, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Sitting’ & ‘Filters’, so scroll on down and check them out. Remember to click on the images to enlarge them, and credit is given to each and every artist both on this article, as well as on Twitter.
If you would not like us Showcasing your work, please do get in touch with us, and well done to the following artists for their creations, some great work as usual!:
@Arisen_Gaming – CyberPunk 2077 & Final Fantasy XIV
@Cobalt_han – Horizon Forbidden West
@creideiki_earth – Final Fantasy VII Remake
@defalt368 – Horizon Zero Dawn & Control
@gamephotoweck – Horizon Forbidden West
@Jakeste66386991 – Far Cry 6
@kzing_vp – Horizon Zero Dawn
@laraliciously – Rise of the Tomb Raider
@m_nt_13 – Control & Horizon Forbidden West
@mnaxer – Kena Bridge of Spirits & Horizon Forbidden West
@RaveloOMG – Rainbow Six Siege
@Sefwick – Mirrors Edge Catalyst
@SynnFusion Shadow of the Tomb Raider
@WinterFroots – Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End
@xCaliburStudios – Horizon Forbidden West
@zurullotarra – Horizon Zero Dawn

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