Strong Women in Video Games: Lara Croft

Welcome to our third post dedicated to Strong Women characters in Video Games. This post features probably the most well known heroine…Lara Croft, the protagonist from The Tomb Raider series which has spanned across many video games. Scroll on down below to see some beatufiul work from some talented artists. Click on those images to enlarge them, and all artists are credited down below.
Some absolute stunners in this Showcase! Remember, if you are not happy with us showcasing your artwork off, then please do get in touch with us and we can sort something out. Credit to the following artists for their work: @acecroft2, @Alcorex17, @AthenaRaider, @Brokenvegetable, @FramedByYogurt, @Furiosa35, @HashtaVP, @InquisitorAles, @laraliciously, @LZoli1, @RaveloOMG, @scionjay96, @SindyJ_B, @SurvivorCroft, @SynnFusion, @USP_Match, @whatthecroft & @Wolf_awoooo

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