Strong Women in Video Games: Overview

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you are in the world. Welcome to our overview from our Month of Strong Women in Video Games. Down below you’ll be able to look over the interviews we held with our 4 VP’ers, check out some of the art featuring female characters in video games, as well as some of the images from the themes selected by @strongwomenvp.
Below is a selection of images from the themes chosen by @strongwomenvp
We celebrated Aloy, Amicia, Lara Croft & many other strong women in video games throughout March. We also had a special post dedicated to International Women’s Day.
We held Q&As with 4 different women within the VP community, these were @VrPhotoGamess, @DeathStrandingL, @Gwyn_VP & @jules_vp_. Alongside we also Showcased @calisarah1998 in our Artist Recognition post. These can all be accessed through our site. Below is some of the images the artists chose to Showcase, dedicated to Strong Women.
We would like to thank @strongwomenvp for allowing us to work alongside them, they have such an awesome community following them, who create some amazing work. We hope that we can collab again in the future, so stay tuned for any details about that. We would also like to thank our 5 VP’ers who allowed us to interview them. On top of that we would like to thank our community, without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you SO much!

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