Artist Recognition: Chris25551

Welcome to our fourth ‘Artist Recognition’ post! This time we are showcasing an amazing artist who is well known across the VP community for his artwork. Like before, we asked the artist to choose his 12 favourite shots, and we held an interview with the artist. All of which can be seen down below.
VPGamersUK: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Chris and I live in Cambridge, England. Father of 3 awesome boys who love gaming almost as much as I do.
VPGamersUK: What got you into video games?
Growing up around my dad was what inspired me a lot to be a gamer. He was and still is a tech geek. So as new consoles and games were released it was only natural. Still to this day, we share opinions about games, etc. My dad is also a very good artist and it definitely helped seeing things from his point of view.
VPGamersUK: Could you pick your favourite game for each generation?
Picking favourites from each gen will be impossible so I’ll list games that stand out for me. Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Colin McRae rally and the majority of Codemasters games. As well as games like Command and Conquer, Sonic and of course Mario.
VPGamersUK: How did you get into VP?
I got into VP after joining Twitter and seeing some very inspiring anthem shots. The beauty of games has always called to me, I just never knew there were photo modes etc. So between Anthem and Hellblade, I developed a really solid passion for this. I would then try games I wouldn’t normally play. Games such as The Last of Us Part 1 These types of games were never my type of thing. But I’m incredibly glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.
VPGamersUK: What do you think of the VP community?
The VP community is super supportive and hugely creative. We all play the same games but yet to create our own style is incredible. It’s a very inspirational community to be a part of.
VPGamersUK: What is next for VP, how can developers take it to the next step?
VP in my opinion will only continue to grow. We actively see the developers giving us opportunities to showcase our work and so on. Some developers hire their own capture artists to promote their work. It tendons to be seen just how far VP can go but regardless it’s a very solid hobby and I’m sure the developers of these games are thankful for us.
VPGamersUK: What features do you feel are important in a photo mode for yourself?
As long as there’s no orbit cam I’m happy! But the time of day and weather switch is something I love. It’s not very technical I know but I love playing with nature. Ghost of Tsushima is still probably my favourite photo mode as it gives us the opportunity to listen to the stunning music as we compose our shots.
VPGamersUK: Is there anybody in the community you want to shout out for their help/guidance etc?
I simply can’t pick out one VP alone. I’m inspired by the whole community on a daily basis. The support and love that is shown are huge and I, myself am massively thankful.
We would like to take this time to thank @Chris25551 for giving us this time to talk to him, and find out what gets his VP clock ticking! He is a cornerstone of the VP community as a whole, creating stunning natural scenes which look super realistic. Congratulations!

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