Our Community

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Today’s post wasn’t planned. The last 50 odd posts were never planned. To put it simply, I honestly didn’t expect our community to grow so big and so strong. At the moment of writing, we are just views away from hitting 15,000 views, something I never imagined would happen. I always thought that nobody would be interested, or that I would give up after a week or two. Truth is, I’ve been enjoying looking at all your wonderful, incredible artwork. You never see the same image twice, that’s what makes this community so amazing, we all play games, yet we all have our own individual styles. On top of that, we have VP’ers, such as @KeenEyeVP who supported us from the get-go, not only that, they were the first ones to tag us, or to use our hashtags. A special shoutout to @strongwomenvp for collaborating with us throughout the month of March!
What are our plans going forward? I love creating the Showcases, so they will firmly remain our main focus. Our first competition was fun, so more of those will be coming. We have @laraliciously on board who helps with dealing with all the Twitter tags and hashtags. We are slowly winding up to start on Instagram. On that front, I noticed a few of you have been using our tags over there, so thank you! Only just noticed it the other day.
Long-term ideas for VPGamersUK, expand to Discord and/or Reddit, the potential for some kind of merch maybe? (you know when you leave school and you all get a sweater/jumper with everyone’s names printed on the back, I was thinking something like that, but with our Twitter/Gaming handles). Anyway, this has all been written out quite frantically so I can get it out before reaching the 15,000 mark. To celebrate this community, down below is a whole host of your work, which you have either tagged us or used our hashtag. Once more, thank you.
This is just a handful of our community, so credits go to the following artists: @9b75, @ai1209_various, @BillyGunn_, @ClusterOfPixels, @CyberTribal86, @CzBlanka, @EnVisionGamingZ, @Falconswift87, @fantasyyVP, @girlandagame_, @Gwyn_VP, @HashtaVP, @i3ecci_, @ISAchan_97, @ISNAK3I, @Jakeste66386991, @JillValentineVP, @JustJonsGames, @KeenEyeVP, @LadyCalzone, @Lucatiel_es, @PlaystationSna1, @prisnor42601, @saviour76, @Sided_dice, @siphonaldread, @Spectral_Lens, @The_Vboy, @virtuasnapz, @VrPhotoGamess, @yarrokon & @WoodyWoodChoppr

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