The Authentic and Angelic Aloy

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! There is so much VP based on Aloy, that we just had to do another Showcase on her! We have 36 pieces of art down below, by 36 talented artists. Click on the images to enlarge them, all artists are credited down below, and if you would not like us Showcasing your work, please do DM us.
Some gorgeous artwork here, the work you all do on Horizon Forbidden West just gets better and better! Down below is all the artists who are in the Showcase.
@_suedeauxnim, @BoxleyChateau, @cariscaptures, @Charlucaszard, @crossedvisions, @d0w0b_VP, @ El_K_ma2um0, @ElektroVP, @ginoza_extended, @GrayFox378, @JaykeKirbee, @KaraOni1, @kingforever008, @LukeKasinger, @MdeavorVP, @meong_nyan, @MissMisthios, @mrpyo1, @Pharoah_35, @prisnor42601, @RafeGimen3z, @runavy_fun, @scionjay96, @ShootingWizard, @SIMONSVGP, @Skadi_vp, @sniper12595035, @sohaLethal, @SyellQm, @THE_BGIL, @theAvPlayer, @thewolfkissedVP, @uraisam8232, @VrPhotoGamess, @Yuric83 & @ZeroX_85

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