Thursday Themeday: Hands

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening folks! Today’s Thursday Themesday was chosen by @KeenEyeVP and they chose the theme of ‘hands’. We gave you, our community, the hashtag #VPGUKhands, and the whole Showcase below only features art that used our hashtag. So scroll on down, and take a look at what this wonderful community has created!
You lot are so….handy, at creating artwork! Some amazing pieces above. We will be announcing our next theme day at some point today after posting this showcase, so keep an eye out! Once again, if you do not want us Showcasing your work, please do DM us on Twitter. Credits go to the following artists:
@9b75 – Horizon Forbidden West
@AliensElement – Horizon Forbidden West
@Ao__sly – CyberPunk 2077
@B_O_L_D_Y – Days Stranding
@creideiki_earth – Final Fantasy 7 Remake
@cybergigil – CyberPunk 2077 x2
@El_K_ma2um0 – Ghost of Tsushima
@gamephotoweck – Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
@gaminpixels – Horizon Forbidden West
@GioWayne86 – Death Stranding
@Hattasa_VP – CyberPunk 2077
@havocrains – Kena Bridge of Spirits
@HazHELLov – Horizon Forbidden West
@horace0816 – Days Gone
@JohnMcC1ain007 – Deathloop
@KeenEyeVp – Horizon Forbidden West & Horizon Zero Dawn
@kingforever008 – Horizon Forbidden West
@lovers_nero – Ghostwire Tokyo
@m_nt_13 – Assassins Creed Valhalla
@Matt_Photomode – Assassins Creed Valhalla
@MostlyVp – Ghost of Tsushima
@MSTakesPictures – The Last of Us Part II
@PhotoModeGeek – Control
@r0gues_fr0ntier – CyberPunk 2077 & Red Dead Redemption 2
@Razz_Reanimated – CyberPunk 2077 x2
@RedDeadEd1899 – Red Dead Redemption 2
@takeachance_VP – Red Dead Redemption 2
@theonlyjess_vp – Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima & Last of Us Part II
@ToppsyLP – CyberPunk 2077
@virtuasnapz – Horizon Forbidden West

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