Forza Horizon vs Gran Turismo

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, and welcome to today’s Showcase. Been a few days since our last post as it was my birthday on Tuesday! Today’s Showcase is showing off the impressive detail of both the latest Forza Horizon and Gran Turismo games. Scroll on down to check it out! Remember, if you are not happy with us sharing your work, please do DM us on Twitter and we will remove the VP.

Some amazing work across both Forza Horizon and Gran Turismo! Credits to the following artists: @23RL23, @AjGamingPics1, @BlindArchangel, @ChestnutGT, @CurlssTee, @Driver_Stig, @ENfamily_gt77, @FH4LT_, @forzanoob932, @Frtluan92, @GameTogg, @K3ROchaan, @kaz142kh, @Lucent_VP, @MavsChamp2011, @mett981, @MiB__94, @miss_clemen3, @ms_n_bn, @PixelsDriven x2, @prkdvirtual, @PS_ArThUr77, @QuelBia94, @RETRO50281484, @rivierenc, @robi4tv, @sirevanztheduke, @squryl, @Stratozfearz, @thelonewolf28, @themarkplumb, @tuji134 x2, @Untold_VP, @WazBphotography & @yarrokon x2

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