Twosday Tuesday: Aloy vs Lara

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you are in this wonderful world. Today we are Showcasing our first Twosday Tuesday post. A new feature where we will do a VS style Showcase, battling two characters, games, photo styles, etc together, to see which one comes out on top. First up, it’s a heavyweight clash between Aloy and Lara Croft. Scroll down to check out the Showcase!

So then, did you like our first Twosday Tuesday? Who is your favourite, Aloy or Lara? Nevertheless, some amazing VP as usual from you talented artists! If you wouldn’t like us Showcasing your work, please do let us know via DM on Twitter, and we can remove your work. For now, credit goes to: @6VAC1, @amb_2189, @Darkspeed14, @Eagle_Of_Storm, @El_G0NZO, @El_K_ma2um0, @GamingPhotos15, @HastaVP, @ICrazyJI, @jev2thomas, @JillValentineVP, @LaraCroftTombR2, @laraliciously, @marka_game, @massito54, @migramos03, @moltencroft, @original_amy, @PePhung24, @Pharoah_35, @Poppy02160199, @Rebel_croftVP, @scionjay96, @Shik_gaming, @shinobi_space, @Sided_dice, @Simons_Frame, @siphonaldread, @SynnFusion, @TPach_Aaron, @Velocigrrl, @VrPhotoGamess & @YagnarR

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