Special Showcase: Dying Light 2

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you may be in this world. Earlier this week Techlands dropped an update that included the much-anticipated Photo Mode. So, what better way to celebrate it than by creating a Showcase! So scroll on down to check it out!
Congratulations to the following artists for making it into the Showcase, they are: @_Virtualtourism, @7IVIDi, @ace_natra777, @BillyGunn_, @Chris177uk, @Comput_ART, @DkxSnake, @Eb93Ewi x2, @Freight_Yo, @GamerMom1969, @ISAchan_97, @JudeTheBOI, @Julianthesea1, @justphotogame, @lucaslu_ckli, @Matt_Photomode, @MostlyVp, @NovA1990 x2, @Perforabis1, @Philt43_Yewone, @savage_jen, @SpiderDriverXD & @WhySoDucky

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