Update on VPGamersUK

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you happen to be. We are happy to announce we are now fully live over on Instagram! We will be using Instagram for a couple of things. Firstly, we will update y’all over there when we drop a Showcase, similar to on Twitter. We will be sharing your work over on our Stories too, and saving it as a highlight! We will also use this system when we announce themes, whether it’s for Thursday Themesday, a collab, or a monthly theme. Our hashtags will still be the same, which is #VPGamersUK as our main, and when we do a theme we will use #VPGUK (followed by the theme).

With our website, we now have an Instagram link in the top right of our site which will take you straight to our page! Feel free to drop your Instagram handles in the comments, share yours with other creators, and let’s build this community even further! Once Instagram is properly up and running, we will potentially think about a Facebook page, but this is only an idea at the moment. Is the VP community strong on Facebook? (Answer below). We still also have ideas for Reddit, Discord, YouTube, and potentially Twitch and maybe even some kind of merch, probably sold through RedBubble.

For now, though, we would once again like to thank you all for supporting us. I know I have said this a lot, but I really never expected this to become as big as it is. We are nearing 600 followers on Twitter, and have over 26k views in 6 months, and we can’t wait to go even further!

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