Special Showcase: Elden Ring

It’s that time again where we cover all of the epic Virtual Photography from you guys in Elden Ring! You know the drill, check out the images down below, click on them to enlarge, and don’t forget, all artists are credited down below and on Twitter!
Some lovely pieces of art here, the world of Elden Ring looks sensational! I really should get around to playing it, but I have such a backlog! Credits to the following artists:
@_stellasin_, @AutomagicalNG, @BBuradori x2, @bhujerbamage, @CallMeDestry, @Comput_ART, @Defalt368, @erguotou_wr, @games_captured, @GennosukeKouga3 x2, @GeoSagrada, @Gingerbread_94, @ItsYFP, @KayJay1718 x2, @KeenEyeVP, @Long__22, @Lucatiel_es, @m_nt_13, @Rina_VP x2, @sin82773349, @Soozie_Lee, @SSoulpants, @WhySoDucky, @WoodyWoodChoppr x2 & @xCaliburStudios

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