Summer of VP ’22 Day 1: Portrait

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, it’s the first Showcase of our Summer of VP, and to start us off we have Portraits, featuring the hashtag #VPGUKportrait. Every piece of art in this Showcase used our hashtags to enter, so if you want to feature, make sure you check our pinned tweet to find what our hashtags are for the week. For now, as always, scroll on down to check out the Showcase, and click the images to enlarge them!
Thank you to everyone who took part on Day 1 of our #SummerOfVP. I won’t name the games you’ve captured, but we shall list your Twitter handles down below as credits, so well done to @6VAC1, @AkiraAoyama_VP, @amich_vp, @art_of_vp, @Ayghan, @creideiki_earth, @cybergigil, @dregline415, @El_K_ma2um0, @fotoxbox, @gaminpixels, @Garbalicious_, @ginoza_extended, @GioWayne86, @GrayFox378, @HazHELLov, @HazzaniVP, @HopefulPablito, @ino245, @Joyrider2525, @JudeTheBOI, @kingforever008, @massito54, @MiB__94, @moon0xygen, @MostlyVp, @MSTakesPictures, @NoxFleuret24JL, @pika_pod, @PolarNinjaVP, @r0gues_fr0ntier, @Sided_dice, @The_Vboy, @TheChad_1979, @tulippooh3, @WhySoDucky & @wingsforsmiles. Once again, thank you all! Day 2 is well away and it features sunsets, sunrises, and sunshine in #VPGUKsun.

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