Summer of VP ’22 Day 7: Abstract

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! We are back from our second holiday and will try and push through some more of the missed Showcases. So up next, we have our #VPGUKabstract Showcase. Scroll on down to check them out!
Thank you to everyone who took part on Day 6 of our #SummerOfVP. Credits to the following artists: @Akira_Aoyama_VP, @amich_vp, @Ayghan, @belumial, @creideiki_earth, @Cyb3r3ll4, @El_K_ma2um0, @fotoxbox, @gaminpixels, @GrayFox378, @hazHELLov, @HazzaniVP, @massito54, @moon0xygen, @MSTakesPictures, @PolarNinjaVP & @tulippooh3

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