Summer of VP ’22 Day 17 & 18: Dying Light 2 & Female Protagonists

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! We are going to start doing multiple Showcases in one post to blast through our Summer Of VP backlog. So today we have days 17&18, featuring Dying Light 2 and Female Protagonists, so scroll on down and check out the Showcase down below!
Comment down below which one is your favourite!
We knew we would struggle for this one, as it is only a reasonably new game, but thank you to @belumial, @EmeraldEnvoy & @WhySoDucky for taking part. πŸ˜€
Absolutely smashed it out of the park on this theme! Thank you to everyone who took part on Day 18 of our #SummerOfVP. Credits to the following artists: @6VAC1, @AkiraAoyama_VP, @amich_vp, @Ao__sly, @art_of_vp, @Ayghan, @belumial, @ChloeToye92, @creideiki_earth, @defalt368, @flyingfeather_g, @gaminpixels, @ginoza_extended, @GrayFox378, @HazHELLov, @HazzaniVP, @HopefulPablito, @ino245, @itsphysicsjim, @joshy_navaneeth, @KardosZoltan1, @kingforever008, @m_nt_13, @massito54, @MiB__94, @moon0xygen, @MrsVSilverhand, @MSTakesPictures, @NoxFleuret24JL, @Pipounapi, @PolarNinjaVP, @record_photo, @SaphStarlight, @Sided_dice, @sirevanztheduke, @thewolfkissedVP, @tulippooh3, @VrPhotoGamess, @WhySoDucky & @YChanyyychan.

One response to “Summer of VP ’22 Day 17 & 18: Dying Light 2 & Female Protagonists”

  1. VrPhotoGamess avatar

    Thank you again guys!! πŸ₯°πŸ€


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