Thursday Themesday: Flowers

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Today’s post features our recent Thursday Themesday Theme, Flowers. Entry had you using the hashtag #VPGUKflowers. Check out the gallery down below for all your flower power!
Thank you to everyone who participated this week. As mentioned in a previous tweet, my other half has been off for the summer holidays, which is why we haven’t been posting as much recently. Once the start of September rolls around we shall be back in full swing of things with 3-5 Showcases each week. For now, though, credits go to the following artists:
@9b75 – Ghost of Tsushima
@Ao__sly – Assassins Creed Valhalla
@ardelia_vp – Red Dead Redemption 2
@barrymk200 – Horizon Forbidden West
@CyberTribal86 – Horizon Zero Dawn
@El_K_ma2um0 – Far Cry 4, Ghost of Tsushima & Horizon Forbidden West
@fotoxbox – Borderlands 3
@HomuraChihiro – TellTales Game of Thrones
@NoxFleuret24JL – Horizon Forbidden West
@PlutoPhoto_ – Forza Horizon 5
@PolarNinjaVP – CyberPunk 2077

Next week’s Thursday Themesday is Fighting! We want to see those fist fights, we want to see those gun fights. Vehicular combat, wrestling matches, fights with giant robotic creatures, and anything and everything in between! Use the hashtag #VPGUKfight.

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