Thursday Themesday: Fight

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Today’s post features our recent Thursday Themesday Theme, Fighting. Entry had you using the hashtag #VPGUKfight. Check out the gallery down below for all your flower power!
Thank you to everyone who participated these last few weeks. For now, though, credits go to the following artists:
@Ao__sly – Assassins Creed Valhalla
@Ayghan – Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West & Middle Earth: Shadow of War
@barrymk200 – Spider-Man Remastered
@creideiki_earth – Final Fantasy 7 Remake
@CyberTribal86 – Horizon Zero Dawn
@El_K_ma2um0 – Horizon Forbidden West x3 & Spider-Man Miles Morales
@fotoxbox – Borderlands 3
@HomuraChihiro – Pokemon Shield
@KeenEyeVP – Last of Us Part 2 x3
@m_nt_13 – Assassins Creed Valhalla x4
@siphonaldread – Horizon Forbidden West
@vpvideogamez – Spider-Man Remastered

As August came to a close, September came about bringing with it the Autumnal season, so next weeks Thursday Themesday Theme is Autumn! Use the hashtag #VPGUKautumn to be featured!

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