Special Showcase: Gotham Knights

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Welcome to our first Gotham Knights Showcase. The game has only recently come out, and there is already plenty of VP out there for it, on top of that, we seem to have a fan favourite by quite a bit in the form of Batgirl. As always if you are not happy with us Showcasing your work, please do DM us on Twitter and we can remove your art, otherwise, scroll on down!
Some amazing work here everyone! We will definitely be heading back to Gotham again for sure! Artists featured are: @Agatefever44007, @AmbientVenom, @Aoi_Nani_99 x2, @Carpo_vp, @Cookiemonst3r09, @Falconswift87, @Jakeste66386991, @justinphotomode, @mattmurdocksbae, @PatmanXGames, @Pedro0_oooooo, @posthumanlens, @Refietto, @sirevanztheduke, @SlyBatDood, @Spidahman8179, @themarkplumb, @Viizuals_ & @vp_estelle.

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