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About Us

Who am I? What made me want to create this? Do I VP? What’s my favourite cereal? Why did I start this site? What is my favourite game? Why so many questions to start an article? All those questions and more will be answered, and we will be turning to some supporters of the site, previous guests, and other VP’ers to ask me those questions. On this page, I will be answering all of your questions as well as using this page to show off my VP. If you have any questions for me, please do get in touch and we shall add them to this page.
@scionjay96: What is your favorite aspect of virtual photography that makes you continue creating?
Throughout my whole life I’ve always enjoyed art in one form or another. When I was a child I had loads of colouring books, pencils, pens, you name it, I had it. Growing older I then got into sketching, followed by graphic design at school, and photography. Up to today where I now enjoy virtual photography, on top of sketching and photography. So I have always had this side of me where I enjoy art no matter the format, and when I stumbled across a photo mode many years back I was in awe. With the number of video games there are, I could go anywhere, and photograph anything, without having to leave the sofa! That’s what keeps me creating VP, but not only that, but that’s what drives me to search through all your wonderful art, there is just so much on offer, and it’s inspiring how talented some of you are!

@Spectral_Lens: Who are the members of your group and what brought you together to create this community page?
Good question, at the moment, it’s just me. I have my own account at @superjaymp7693 where I shared my VP art, at the same time I also had a WordPress account where I had previously made blogs dedicated to my own personal photography as well as an animal conservational blog. I noticed that the VP community had plenty of VP-sharing accounts, which are all equally as amazing as one another, but I didn’t want to create something similar. So I decided to use my WordPress account to create VPGamers.UK. In the back of my head, when your hashtag a community page, you kind of know they will retweet/like it, and there’s no sense of accomplishment, whereas I thought if we displayed VP artists’ work on our site, it’s not just a surprise when it happens, but it gives the artist an additional feeling of accomplishment. (At the time of publishing, @laraliciously has joined to help out with the running of the Twitter page)

@KeenEyeVP: What’s your favourite movie / TV series and why?
Firstly, I want to thank @KeenEyeVP for their support, they were one of the first ones to follow us, and they really took on board our hashtag and partaking in our Showcases. You ask a good question, with movies, I really do enjoy the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Other films that stand out include Knives Out & Hot Fuzz (filmed down the road from me), with childhood classics such as The Lion King & Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. When it comes to TV series, once again the Marvel & Star Wars series jump to mind, special shoutouts to WandaVision & The Mandolorian! I have recently finished watching Only Murders in the Building, if you love crime novels/podcasts/shows, please do watch this. Growing up I loved watching The A-Team with its over-the-top action!

@yarrokon: What are your most beloved games?
Very difficult question, I’ll try and answer it in a way of growing up. When I was younger my first taste of gaming was watching my dad play Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, followed by helping him by reading the walkthrough for Tomb Raider. Once I had my own PS1, I enjoyed playing Destruction Derby, the above-mentioned games, Rayman, Croc, Driver (please, someone take the license and make these again!), and the wrestling games. Once I had the PS2 I fell in love with Ratchet and Clank, as well as the Grand Theft Auto series, and I also remember a Robot Wars game being a thing. I’ve always enjoyed racing games, from the likes of TOCA: Touring Car series, Forza, Gran Turismo, and Project Gotham Racing to the likes of MotorStorm, Wreckfest, BurnOut & Stuntman Ignition. Some of my all-time favourite games of the modern generation include LA Noire, Immortals Fenyx Rising & Horizon Zero Dawn.

@saviour76: Do you have any plans on creating an Instagram account?
Simple answer, yes. As it is only just me managing the Twitter account as well as updating the sites and creating Showcase ideas, it may take a while for Instagram (and other social platforms) to make appearances. We have already spoken to a few people with regards to joining the team, so stay tuned for that ;). – This has now happened with the wonderful @laraliciously joining the team.
*Side note, our Instagram account is now live, we are slowly drip-feeding content, so give us a follow @vpgamersuk

@laraliciously: What are your favourite games that you enjoy taking VP in?
So I’ve only been doing VP for just over a year, so I haven’t got the chance to play around with loads of photo modes. One stands out to me so far, and that is the Far Cry series. Some of the detail in the games is incredible. I only started doing VP in New Dawn, and some of the images below looked amazing! Plague Tale Innocence was also a fun game to do VP in, and CyberPunk (post major updates) looked amazing too! One thing I love in photo modes is the ability to change the time of day, nobody wants to wait around for the in-game time to change!