Summer of VP ’22 Day 9: Birds

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Up next in our #SummerOfVP is our #VPGUKbirds, which featured our first collaboration, alongside @BirdsOfGaming. Check out the Showcase down below!
Comment down below which one is your favourite!
Thank you to everyone who took part on Day 6 of our #SummerOfVP. Credits to the following artists: @Ayghan, @belumial, @creideiki_earth, @El_K_ma2um0, @fotoxbox, @gaminpixels, @hazHELLov, @HazzaniVP, @ino245, @Joyrider2525, @massito54, @moon0xygen, @PhotoModeGeek, @Pipounapi, @PolarNinjaVP, @tulippooh3 & @WhySoDucky.

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