Special Showcase: Black and White

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world. Welcome to todays Showcase, where we have found 15 stunning Black and White artworks. There is something about the simplicity that makes Black and White art, just stand out. As always all artists will be credited down below and on our Twitter page, and make sure to click those images to enlarge them in their full glory!
Today is a big day for us with an announcement over what showcases will be happening throughout March, a partnership, a new page to our site and another showcase post coming tomorrow! So make sure you stay tuned throughout today for all that!
For now, here are the 15 artists who provided these stunning images:
@blakk_sensei, @Chy_Visual_Arts, @Diego64350036, @dregline415, @Gwyn_VP, @itswanabLkeNiko, @Jessies_VP, @Orangecroc, @Photoingame, @QuelBia94, @Sim_nell, @Spiggy_Smalls, @starfall_vp & @wystrach22

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