15k Views Competition

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. This post will be dedicated to our competition and where you can vote for your favourites. We had around 27 entries, and we had to narrow it down to just 12! (Trust me, that was extremely difficult!) So down below you should see the first 4 pieces of art, as well as a poll. Choose your favourite NOW, you have 24hrs to get your votes in, and the top 2 will move on! Tomorrow the next round will commence!
(The 4 artists in no particular order are, @KeenEyeVP, @PodToGo, @Shiiro2Ken & @dpruttz_vp)
Congratulations to @dpruttz_vp & @KeenEyeVP for moving onto the next round. We have our next batch of art down below, in no particular order they are: @reddeadgem, @Ayghan, @leg_0412 & @Takeachance_VP. Voting is open for 24hrs. Get sharing!
Congratulations to the next 2 artists making it through to the next round, they are: @Ayghan & @takeachance_VP. Onto the last group of artists, this time they feature in no particular order: @Defalt368, @MostlyVp, @Ao__sly & @natriumiushi. So get voting down below, share the page to your followers, and we’ll find the last 2 progressing through in 24hrs time!
Well done to @natriumiushi & @Mostly_Vp who move into the final with the other 4 contestants. That brings us up to the final 6. Down below you can see all six entrants. Voting will go up until Sunday evening at 8pm UK time. Get voting and get sharing. The winner will be the header until 25k views!

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